What is Atlantis World?

Welcome to Web3 Social Metaverse!

Atlantis World is the Web3 social metaverse. We’re connecting Web3 with social, gaming and education in one lightweight virtual world that’s accessible to everybody.

Imagine social features like video/audio calling, token gating and text chat combined with NFTs, DeFi, DAOs and gaming!

We believe in an open metaverse which is lightweight and accessible to everybody.

Existing metaverses set a high cost barrier to entry because they have a 3d/immersive focus. That means that if users want to enjoy a seamless loading experience, they need to go out and buy the latest iPad or gaming PC… We recognise that this can’t be a reality even for most families in America, never mind regions in the world where the income average is much lower.

Even if users have the financial means, it can still be incredibly difficult to acquire expensive hardware in many regions today!

Atlantis World is a 2d pixel metaverse that will run on a web browser, on any device, from anywhere in the world!

Beyond that, we’re curating a fully fledged crypto economy of the metaverse starting with game experiences that plug into Web3 applications.

You can even visit digital banks and unlock billions of dollars in liquidity for anything from savings accounts to borrowing, or freely exchange money and trade anything from financial instruments to NFT wearables and other digital goods / collectibles such as land.

We’ll build token gated cities for your favourite communities, starting with the founding partners of the Atlantis World ecosystem…

Here, communities will be able to host virtual events powered by spatial video/audio calling, as well as NFT treasure hunts, voting in DAOs and using other Web3 applications.

We’re also working hard to enable customisability features as well as building frameworks so that leading creators and developers can improve Atlantis World as a global collective. We’re building the user owned metaverse, so want to enable that as soon as possible.

We’re fighting for a planet positive future in collaboration with our users and community… which is why we’re planting a biodiverse, carbon capturing virtual forest inside of Atlantis.

The Journey So Far

CryptoPunk City Demo

It’s been a wild ride so far, that started out when co-founder Rev met CJ during Gitcoin KERNEL Block 3.

Originally working on two separate projects, a token-gated battle game and DeFi-enabled sustainable metaverse, the pair joined forces and have been building Atlantis together for the last six months, scaling the team to 7 full-time core contributors whilst fully bootstrapped.

Now joined by lead game developer Julio, lead designer Ilayda, senior game developer Austyn, blockchain developer Rachit, game developer Chris and a handful of community contributors… Atlantis World has enjoyed exponential, fundamental growth. We’ve won a number of hackathons along the way, with 2000+ active demo users and 6000+ early access sign ups for our alpha version which we’re hoping to ship ASAP.

Here’s a handful of other Atlantis World highlights:

  • 700+ Gitcoin grant contributors.
  • Best DeFi app built on Polygon at ETHGlobal HackFS + prizes from Aave, Audius with Stani himself joining our Discord to congratulate us and explore collab.
  • NFT Vision Hack Rarible track winner.
  • Grants from top players in the space like Polygon, Audius, Yearn, 1inch, Balancer, Perp, POAP, PoolTogether, mStable, MetaCartel + many more TBA!
  • Turned down a $10M pre-seed deal @ $50M valuation to build a community owned public good.

Demo Testing

Rarible Gallery

It’s been an incredible demo testing period with the fast growing Atlantis World community. We’ve responded to feedback, implemented suggestions and shipped a variety of exciting features!

Users can:

In total, 2000+ users have connected their wallet and played the Atlantis World demo.

Our Discord community has grown to 5000+, with many making awesome suggestions and giving great feedback about their experience, helping the core team to debug and BUIDL new features!

What’s next?

For the last few weeks, we’ve completely stopped developing our demo, going full speed ahead building a completely new version of Atlantis with upgraded game, Web3 and social features.

The demo was an early CryptoPunk City. Get ready for Atlantis City Alpha.

Some key features and upgrades include:

  • A gamified Web3 onboarding experience. Interact with NPCs inside of DeFi-powered digital banks to learn about DeFi and how to deposit in-game to leading protocols (ie Yearn).
  • An all new Atlantis World native aesthetic, game art and UI.
  • Gated audio chat, improved text chat.
  • Chat bubbles, character actions (like jumping) and share emojis with your character.
  • A variety of different apps and tooling from across the Web3 stack. Such as 1inch, Yearn, Balancer, Aave, Perpetual Protocol, PoolTogether, POAP, Audius, mStable and many more TBA!
  • A wallet-reading smart inventory that displays your NFT collection in-game.
  • Token-gated clubhouses for DAOs with audio calling and virtual events.
  • Multiple Web3 logins.
  • Mobile support.

We’ll be releasing more information and timelines around the gated Atlantis City Alpha very soon.

We also want to enable community ownership as soon as possible. So stay tuned if you want to become a founding citizen of the user owned, censorship resistant, capital city of the internet.

After the gated alpha, we’re planning a fully fledged beta launch in Q2 with an intense array of improvements and new features. As well as beta launches of token gated cities of our founding communties like Balancer and 1inch.




Web3 Social Metaverse.

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Web3 Social Metaverse.

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